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Greetings all! Time for an update through the power of bullet points (because I'm too lazy to go into detail ;))

  • Life is good, plodding along nicely :).
  • I'm currently apartment hunting in the Manchester area in preparations for Jackie's move to the UK :) *kisses his doggy lots*
  • At some point this week Frostie's head will be on it's way back to Florida for some cosmetic changes (the parcel box I got for him doesn't quite fit :/)
  • Art is going great so far! I'm really enjoying the stuff I'm doing and that encourages me to be more productive... laziness however, does not. *slaps himself* Be motivated, wolf!
  • At the moment working on some silly sketches and moonfox17's Husky character design, which is proving more difficult than first anticipated. Why is it so easy to design a character for yourself and yet so difficult to design one for others?
  • Also working on some hush-hush stuff needed for ConFuzzled, deadlines are approaching... must get to work :O
  • Trying to expand my taste in music, currently enjoying the 80's era rock and guitar riffs of Def Leppard! And enjoying it too, so if anyone can recommend a band to look into from that era, let me know
  • Contemplating going to my Dad's for the weekend, it's been a while now and he isn't getting any younger and his health is considerably worsening :(
  • Had an enjoyable Saturday in Chester with jinxxychris_cosmo and panthras for the inaugural "Sketch meet", much coffee and cake was consumed, not so much sketching done *chuckles*. But we did all get at least one done and it was a lot of fun, it was a success and would love to do another soon :)

Hope everyone is having a nice day/week/month/decade/millennium.... blah blah blah :)

Sketches, you can have them :)Collapse )

Today, we present images sent to us from our viewers, all over the country.

Look inside for really bad art :)Collapse )

Happy Holidays!

As I will be enjoying stuffing my face with lots and lots of yummy Christmas food tomorrow and seeing as everyone else is posting their messages today, I would usually wait until midnight before posting this but... what the heck! :). So to all of my friends in Europe...

Feliz Navidad
Joyeux Noel
Froehliche Weihnachten
Vrolijk Kerstfeest

Veselé Vánoce for tabbiefox! :D</lj>

And to my British friends...
A Merry Christmas!
... Or Bah Humbug! to you nay sayers ;)

Big Blue Birthday!

A very happy birthday goes to
the wolf-killer bigbluefox!

Have a wonderful day Fox! Be proud knowing that your videos and dances bring smiles to thousands of lunatics people everyday :)

Note: He's actually a really sweet guy, pay no attention to the above photo ;D

EuroFurence: A wuff on the move...

Off to Germany, bbl.

- For everyone else going, have a very safe journey and see you from Tuesday onwards :).

- For those not going, sucks to be you!
(Joking! Have a wonderful week ^^)

An eerie wind blows...

He's done!

... have another tease ;)

Are you ready to be scared?

August 27th - 31st 2008

Spooky goings on shall descend upon the Hotel Ringberg as hundreds of people gather for Horrorfurence, the 14th annual Eurofurence furry convention. And preparations have almost been made.

I wonder what this could be? You'll find out at EF14 :)

And so begins the promotional campaign

The Wolf has spoken!

(Thanks to ember_komodog for the photo :))


Tremendous amounts of fun!

As much fun for myself as EF13 was :D

Fursuit Performance panel was great fun to take part in.

Miniwulf is tired

Full report later

... zzzZZZzzzz

Just a quick thank you to calihusky and the rest of the staff for creating one heck of an amazing event. You all deserve a huuuuge round of applause.
And also to bigbluefox for being an amazing sport throughout the whole event and for being such an amazing guy that he is, can't wait to catch up with you at EF :)
Yup, I dropped shivonhusky at Manchester airport earlier in the afternoon to catch his flight home despite difficulties getting him there (the trains from Piccadilly to the airport had been cancelled due to maintenance and replaced by a bus service, which would have made Mou miss his flight).

The week certainly has been fun and an interesting challenge for myself as I've never had to plan such a week ever in my whole life. Some things didn't quite go to plan, either due to my own fault (for which I apologised) or by unforeseen circumstances. Yet still regardless of those we still had the pleasure of meeting friends all over the country. So many thanks go out to graafen, ember_komodog, _shema_ and snoblissea for providing both crash space and entertainment for us both during our visits, you all have hearts of gold!

The furmeet yesterday was much fun, I had forgotten just how much I miss my southern friends, the new venue certainly is nice and spacious and the changing area is a much welcome addition compared to what we had at the Bullfrog, even though the lighting wasn't working which caused most of the suiters to get changed in a corner of the main bar area (not me though hehe ;)). The walk itself was rather tiring though, perhaps this is simply because I have yet to become an experienced fullsuiter? In fact halfway during the walk I pulled mustan to one side and asked him to gather all the suiters together for a 15-20 minute break to de-head, drink water and cool down (away from the eyes of the public of course). Overall the meet was such fun and will most likely be making it to another one in a couple of months time, just seeing everyone again brought a considerably sized smile to my face :). It was also a pleasure of meeting new folk such as ravellwolf, bariki and many many more, and to everyone who came over and said hellos and spoke to me I give my thanks ^^.

Now then... where's my bed? *flomps* zzzZZZZzzzzzz